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2017-08-09 05:40:03

Hi Guys,

I'm new here. Very happy I can join here to get more info for my B180 (2nd hand, W245, Year 2011)

I'm also a new driver and B180 just fit my needs as a beginner and family use. Now I've three problems below:

1. The wiper sometimes malfunction (Suddenly up in sunny days)

2. The engine lamp is on for 2 months (I try google and found that there are a lot of reason to cause this.) Finally I bring to garage early July and they just reset it for me. Luckily the car is fine now .

3. Side view mirrors almost blur in raining days. It makes me feel dangerous. Someone told me the mirrors will heat automatically in low temperature. Is it truth? Or this is normal and only can solve by using repellent spray?

I'm looking for an official owner manual or service manual but unfortunately I can't find it on the web. I tried to contact the local vendor but the cost is expensive and take weeks for delivery. I download the manual here but the content seems not exactly for mine. It was W245 but year 2013 and more advance in cockpit and other functions

Due to limited download and no preview for documents, could anyone help give me the right user manual?

Thanks guys and have a nice day

2017-09-10 18:24:20

Hi, try these 2 users manuals. This one is for B Class electric drive, but it should help you in many ways. And this one is for the Command system