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2017-06-21 15:58:51

W204 Headlamp Removal DIY (Abridged 5:00 Min Edit)  |  More info

Hey Modders!

It's been a while since any new videos, but I thought I'd edit a reupload one of my current videos. The original seemed way too long and there were people complaining about the overpowered music volume. So here it is! A short, 5-minute DIY without music to block out any narration!

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Happy Modding


This is a tutorial on the removal of the headlamps on the W204. I have the standard headlamps without the Bi-Xenon package, so I won't know for sure how this tutorial will hold up for those that do have Bi-Xenon headlamps. Nevertheless, good luck in your mods, and I hope that this video will help!

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