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W204 - Central display remove

Forum C-Class W204 W204 - Central display remove

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2017-06-21 16:04:29

Mercedes Benz — Remove/install central display (W204)  |  More info

2,8,During a trip, the central display |displays all comfort-related and |infotainment information ...|

8,15,... for the radio, navigation, climate control|and video entertainment system.||

26,30,Loosen the trim strip |over the head unit.||

31,36,Work from the right to the center|with a plastic wedge.||

37,41,Release the catches of the air vent|with an extraction hook.||

42,46,The catches are located on the left |and right behind the vent slats.||

47,54,Insert the hooked wire through |the air vent from the front until it |engages in the anchoring.|

56,63,Proceed in the same way |on the left-hand side.||

67,80,Pull out the center air vent with trim strip|and disconnect the connectors.||

82,85,Remove the center air vent.|||

87,89,Loosen the display frame |with a long wedge.||

90,97,Work from the right-hand side |of the lower cover to the left.||

103,111,Proceed in the same way |with the upper cover.||

113,116,Remove the upper cover.|||

117,124,Slide the grille covers of the display|to the center and remove.||

126,135,Only loosen the two mounting screws|of the central display.||

138,148,Insert the extraction hook to the left of |the display and above the speedometer.||

149,153,Carefully pull the cover out of the slot.|||

161,168,Fold the display forwards,|including the Instrument frame.||

169,177,Disconnect all of the connectors.|||

178,182,Remove entire central display|from installation opening.||