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SL - Front ABC strut replacement

Forum SL R230 SL - Front ABC strut replacement

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2017-03-07 17:48:36

Replacing a Front ABC Strut on Mercedes SL-Class R230 with Arnott Remanufactured Strut  |  More info

This video shows automotive repair professionals how to replace a failing Front Active Body Control (ABC) strut on a Mercedes-Benz® SL-Class (R230 Chassis) with a remanufacture Arnott strut SK-2412 (Front Right) or SK-2413 (Front Left).

Arnott's completely rebuilt OE Mercedes-Benz® SL-Class with Active Body Control® (ABC) Front strut is painstakingly tested, disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up. Arnott has worked directly with one of the largest seal manufacturers to design and test a nearly indestructible polyurethane seal you can expect to last for many years. The price per OE Mercedes strut at your local dealership is a small fortune! The Arnott design is not only more efficient, it’s also much more affordable! Each Mercedes SL shock is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

OE# (Right): 2303202813, 2303208813, 230320881380

OE# (Left): 2303200013, 2303208713, 230320871380