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C219 - Head unit remove & install

Forum CLS C218 C219 - Head unit remove & install

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2017-03-08 09:39:44

Mercedes Benz — Remove/install head unit (CLS-Class  |  More info

5,11,The display shows that the CD|cannot be read.||

12,14,The disk is OK.|||

15,18,The head unit no longer ejects the CD.|||

19,21,The head unit must be replaced.|||

22,28,Start by disassembling the side trim and the|trim strip on the passenger side.||

29,36,Remove screw.|||

37,43,Remove screw in glove compartment.|||

44,52,Use a punch of 3 mm diameter and|at least 55 mm in length.||

54,60,Carefully pull the trim strip forwards.|||

61,71,Disconnect the connectors.|||

75,82,Illustration: open catch with punch|as shown here.||

84,90,Remove faceplate from display.|||

96,106,Loosen two screws above the head unit|and press downwards.||

107,112,Pull head unit out of the mounting console|until the first connector can be|disconnected.|

118,124,Disconnect the remaining connections|at the rear of the unit.||

125,129,Install the new unit in reverse order.|||

130,135,The part number can be found in EPC.|||